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November 27, 2008
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MirokuCows PetPlay Adventure

Her actual name was Vonda, but she decided she liked the name Miroku when her current BF had nicknamed her that. It had all started when Colin had discovered that she got really turned on when he started calling her breasts udders and otherwise referred to her as his horny-heifer. That and the fact that she really enjoyed having her breasts played with had lead him to start calling her the name, which he told her was the Japanese translation of Milk. Plus they both agreed that the name sounded a lot like “miracle” – and Colin claimed that this was exactly what she was, the miracle that gave his life meaning - when he talked like that she couldn’t help but feeling exactly the same way about him.

Miroku had been married up until a couple years ago; she didn’t like to think about how bad a mistake that had been. She’d married her high-school sweetheart straight out of high-school, it hadn’t taken him long before he’d started using her as a scapegoat for all of his frustrations at his own failures. At first she’d hoped he’d grow out of it, but things had gotten steadily worse until she couldn’t take it any more and left him.

She’d been living with her parents for a couple years afterwards while trying to figure out what to do with her life next. Eventually she decided to save up some of her earnings while she was living at home again and go to school part-time. It was at the local college that she’d met Colin and they’d started chatting about one of the classes they shared. When he asked her to come to his place for dinner for the first time, her first instinct was to say no, but then she’d changed her mind and agreed. Colin was a few years older than her, but she decided that maybe eight years didn’t really matter that much, especially considering how considerate he was towards her.

She really enjoyed talking to him, he was imaginative and patient and sometimes silly. She could sense hints of pain and shyness as well, but she didn’t mind considering her own past. After dinner was over they sat drinking wine and talking until the wee hours. When she realized how late it had gotten she got up to leave, but she was so tired she couldn’t keep her eyes open long enough to find the door. Colin took her hand, telling her he couldn’t let her drive in that condition, and led her up to his bedroom. She was nervous about him trying to pull something funny on their first date, but all he’d done was help her fish things out of her pockets, gently removed her shoes, and tucked her into bed – fully clothed. She’d barely noticed when he crawled in with her and snuggled up to her – she’d fallen asleep almost immediately. She woken up several hours later in a bit of a panic, but then she realized she was still fully clothed and so was he, and being held felt so nice, and she could hear the soft buzz of his snoring behind her, so she quickly relaxed and fell asleep again. She barely knew him, but somehow she felt warm, cozy, and safe in his arms.

He’d made her breakfast in the morning and offered her some clean towels if she felt like a shower before heading out. She decided to accept even though she didn’t have anything to wear other than what she’d worn the night before, but at least the shower was refreshing. When he yelled at her that breakfast was ready, she laughed at herself and realized she’d been daydreaming about him while the hot water had sprayed her.

After that they’d been a regular item. It took him almost two weeks to ask her to PURPOSELY stay the night, she’d laughed at the silly grin he gave her and agreed. She’d gotten so used to guys trying to make moves on her right away after they found out she’d been married that is patience felt like a welcome change, but eventually she started worrying that maybe he really wasn’t interested in her that way. So she’d been very pleasantly surprised when he did ask her to stay with him. She’d dithered nervously about what to wear, and what else to pack to wear. In the end she packed three complete outfits just to be safe – it was Friday night after all, she might end up staying the whole weekend if everything went well. She definitely hoped it would.

She no sooner had gotten in the door to his place when he’d started the seduction. He leaned in to kiss her, and then undid the top button of her blouse, kissing her throat once before leading her to the dining room for dinner. Those two kisses together had started her pulse racing like an indy car. Over the course of dinner and it’s aftermath he’d done it again and again, getting close to kiss her, then undoing another button, following that with a kiss to the tender flesh he’d just bared. By the time he undid the last button and removed the blouse entirely, she’d become molten putty. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and made love to her slowly. He pushed her to the edge of orgasm over and over, but each time she’d gotten nervous and quelled herself before she lost control. It was then that he’d said it, he’d been whispering endearments to her all through the process of seduction, and somehow he’d called her breasts “lovely udders” and she’d lost it, falling into an orgasm instantly that had caught her entirely by surprise. He held her and kissed her until she recovered a bit, then continued their love-making until they were both exhausted, but happy, wrapped tightly in each others arms as they slept.

Over the course of the weekend – she did indeed end up staying the whole thing – that they discovered her intense response to his using certain words for her while they made love. The talked about it a bit while they were conscious, but she had no explanation for why she responded to those words so strongly, they decided it didn’t matter, as long as the fact that she did respond to them made loving more intense. By the end of the weekend he was calling her Miroku, and she found she liked it.

Her first night back home after that wonderful weekend she barely slept at all. When they met at school in the morning he asked her to move in and she agreed. They made plans to collect her things from her parent’s that night. Neither seemed to be able to sit still till their last classes were finished. She took him in to meet her parents and explained what was going on. Both of her parents looked at him shrewdly, but in the end he won them both over, and everyone pitched in to help her pack. Her father managed to corner Colin and give him the fatherly “If you hurt my daughter” speech, and Colin told him that he’d never harm her, and if somehow he ever did, he’d come take his beating like a man. Her father had simply nodded after that and shook his hand before they got back to work moving boxes. When the last box had been packed and there was barely room enough for them in their vehicles they took off, heading for Colin’s house. They only barely got one load of stuff moved into the house that night, once they got the first load in, they’d jumped each other and ended up making love on the floor barely inside his door. They’d ended up playing hooky the next day in order to finish moving her in.

They continued their excursions into learning the little quirks that drove her sexual responses, and eventually that gave Colin an idea. He cleared out one of the side rooms and locked himself in while he worked. It had taken a couple days of listening to him banging around before he seemed satisfied, but he refused to tell her what he was up to - in fact he kept the door to that room locked so she couldn’t get in at all.

That evening he came home with a gift for her, when she opened it, it turned out to be a “Latex Pet Play Costume – Dairy Cow” – she was a bit startled about that, but laughed. Colin told her that since she really seemed to like the idea of being a cow, he wanted to have her pretend to be one for a few days, just to see how it went. She happily agreed.

He made her a hot bubble bath and then gently washed her himself, seemingly enjoying inspecting her every little curve. The care and devotion he showed her utterly melted her, she’d do anything for him. Eventually he pulled her out of the bath and opened a bottle of baby oil – he told her it was to make getting her into the latex easier, and she simply let him pamper her as he gently rubbed it into every inch of her skin. Then it was time for her to slip into the latex, and he helped her stretch the tight rubber over her body, finally lacing her in and sealing the back up. Once he had that finished, Colin played with her little cow-tail while she giggled at the feeling of it wiggling at the base of her spine. Next came the whiskered lip-piece, and the head-piece with the cow ears and tiny horns. He attached that to the straps from the neck of the suit. He spent several minuets after that combing out her hair and coiling it, using some chopsticks to hold it in place in the two buns at the back of her head. She said it was an odd hairstyle for a cow, but he told her it was perfect for his little Miroku. Once that was done, he took up the bell collar and closed it around her neck. The click as it locked was like an electric charge for both of them, and they kissed for some time after that, with Colin’s hands moving over her latex-covered skin to enjoy the feel of her in it. She discovered that the feel of his hands on her body through the latex was very intensely erotic. He stopped that after a bit, then took out a needle and pulled the latex out from around her nipples and pocked holes through it. She asked him what he was doing, but he only told her to wait and she’d figure it out.

She was very surprised though with what happened next. Colin picked up a leash and attached it to her collar, then led her through the house to the room he’d locked her out of. Once inside she looked around, seeing some things she didn’t entirely understand, though the rest of the room had been done up to look sort of like a barn. He told her that since she was now his lovely milk-cow, she needed a milk-shed, so this was it. He walked her around the room and stopped her in front of something that looked like a cross between a medieval torture device and a cow-stock. When he gently pressed her down to her knees on a pillow in front of it, she knelt, knowing she could trust him, even if she had no idea yet exactly what was going on. He lifted her wrists and then rested them in grooves in the front of a bar that was now just about neck level, pushing her body forwards until she was resting her upper chest against it. He told her that a milk cow needs to have a milk stall, and this was hers, then he closed the back of the stock down across the back of her neck, trapping her neck and wrists before flipping the hasps that prevented her from escaping.

With her trapped in her new milk stall, Colin stepped around the front and revealed something that had been covered by cloth. It looked like a small air-compressor with a hose running to the top of a small glass bottle, two more tubes came off of that too – her eyes bugged out – a pair of glass teat-cups? “You really aren’t going to?” she said. His sole response was “yes I am. What good is having a milk cow if you aren’t going to milk her?” She was aghast. She wasn’t sure if she should tell him to stop, or try to escape, but she decided to just see what happened. Colin turned the little compressor on, then picked up the glass teat-cups and tested their suction, when he felt satisfied he held one to one of her nipples, then the second to the other. The suction, even through the latex, was intense. It was pain and ecstasy all rolled into one and she orgasmed twice in rapid succession. “I take it you approve” he said as he leaned in and kissed her, and all she could do is look up into his eyes in total adoration and say “moo.”

Her Master laughed. He told her that he’d done some research, and discovered that human cows can be trained to produce milk with frequent applications of intense suction to their udders, but that it might take several weeks of this before she produced her first milk. She nodded at him, imagining that with a look of joy on her face. Colin slipped one hand up between her thighs, she couldn’t have done anything about that if she’d wanted to, and then she felt his gentle fingers rubbing their way to her clit, easing her into another intense orgasm. After several minuets of this intense sensation-play, she was utterly exhausted, so Colin shut down the milker and removed her from the stocks, picking her up and carrying her to his bed, where he slowly teased her to the edge of another orgasm before making love to her and getting his own pleasure from her quivering body.

A few nights later Colin bundled her up and drove her to a body-piercing shop, where he had her septum pierced and a small ring fitted in. He told her that this would allow him to place a leash on her and lead her around like a real cow. She was nervous about the piercing at first, but when Colin explained why he wanted the piercing she agreed to it with a grin of happiness. It took a few days to heal, but after that she enjoyed being lead around the house by her Bull-Master as he began to train her to be his beautiful love-cow.

In the weeks that followed, Miroku-Cow became increasingly joyful at her new life. Her Bull-Master Colin put her into her milking stall three times each day; once in the morning first thing, once in the evening after he got home from work, and once more before bedtime. She thought that the pleasure of being milked was intense, but it became even more so after a few weeks when she actually began to produce milk. At first they simply enjoyed fresh milk with each meal together, but as her production increased Colin began experimenting with creating other diary products from her milk. The milking sessions became the lead-in for intense love-making sessions as well. Miroku-Cow took great pleasure in giving herself so totally to her Bull-Master.

- - -

DAZ studio: Aiko3 - and a variety of bits and pieces I crafted using the Create Primitive tool in DAZ. I really need to learn how to use another tool to create my own items though. I'd love to hear about the tools others have learned how to use, especially if they wouldn't mind playing tutor. :)
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jarvik2009 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
love the picture and the story
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Thanks. I had to build the milking machine from raw components, that was entertaining. :)
tndvrs57 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
nice story  I use DAZ3D myself

see the pic story in my gallery
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Thank you, and your story was very amusing. :)
daddysir Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Geez! It's like two chicks and a cup! It was the just video (which makes this piece looks tame) it's the reactions. The reactions to such a piece are just stunning. I've never encountered so many judges, juries, and self appointed executioners.

This was done 4 years ago. How did the battle with the Hays Code end?
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
You just discovered nearly all of the people I had to block. This was just the ending though, because the battle started at the journal of another artist I used to watch over a tongue-in-cheek comment I made in reference to her journal blasting huge-boobed furry chicks. That artist both egged them on to their attacks on me, and begged me to not stop watching her gallery - I always tried to give her favorable comments for things I liked - I did stop though, I just don't take perfidy well. Some of the fools said things in her journal that I know should have gotten them perma-banned "you should just kill yourself..." sort of comments that I know NORMALLY the DAdmins don't tolerate. In this case though when I brought it up to the admins they told me that if I didn't like it to block the perps. My respect for the admins went to ZERO at that point. One of their friends even wrote a story about how HIS furry character murders MY furry character. If you go back to their galleries, you will see that now they are all around 22, boys, and have little if anything in their own galleries to show - basically what we've both agreed are sure signs of people who know nothing of what they talk when it comes to women or art. By contrast if you check the positive comments, you'll see they were left by adult women and men.

Actually I'm not sure I understand some of your references. "just video" ?
daddysir Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
It's just a video*. Two chicks and a cup. Well you should Google it but good luck on actually finding it now. It's been removed from every sight that I know. After everyone watched the video people would record the reactions of friends and family to "Two Chicks and a Cup" and post that. Basically, it involves two girls eating something looks like shit rather than chocolate ice cream from a cup. Most likely fake but one wonders!

It's the same with Miroku Cow. The image is provocative but people reactions! They did everything but accuse you of being the anti-Christ. Apparently they have no fantasies or just don't like anyone else seeing something besides the obvious. I have them. My fantasies are very provocative but I already know that people will assume "OHO So this is how you think, this is what you want! Prepare to be judged by Miss Grundy!"

That is not to my purpose. I am by temperament a flirt and gentleman. I can be kissed by a girl and know it's a simple treasure and not a declaration of her intent mate with me. I want my gallery to be PG-13 to R but never X. That doesn't mean I don't have thoughts of doing it swinging from the chandeliers. But I do admit to a love of old fashion pinups and the sexy styles from the 40's and 50's. Erotic rather than total sex bomb.

Try looking up "Kami Tora" He is not only one of my favorites artists, an influence but is one of the nicest artists you will ever correspond with.
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Oh yeah, flirt and gentleman. I wish I could get that first one down. Unfortunately so far I've proven to suck at it badly, and not in the nice sort of way. :)
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Like I said to somebody else recently, most often when people are feeling hatred towards others it's because they are seeing reflections of their own inner-demons in them. It's one of the reasons why I always try to be careful when I'm upset with somebody else. Is my hatred legitimately pointed at the person who deserves it? Or am I reflecting something I hate about myself onto them? Or am I just being pissy because nobody is as perfect as I'd like them to be? Even though I am sometimes aware of what I am or might be doing I am not always, and I don't always have control even when I am aware. But it's a problem I can and do work on.

I am not even sure though that the tirade was even directed at that picture/story, it really was just an excuse to keep the assault and battery that started on the other artist's journal when I refused to be spurred on there anymore and stopped responding to their taunts.

The piece that really tempts my retaliation instinct though is this one: [link] There is no attempt to disguise the fact that this guy thinks it's cool to murder ME, and several of the guys who were attacking me lauded him for it. Note: I just posted a notice to the dev's about it, but I'm expecting that they won't do anything, and maybe I'll be lucky that they don't decide to ban me for complaining. :P

I'm wondering if I found the right guy, Google pointed me towards some very pervy hardcore stuff. I'm not normally into stuff that's really hardcore despite what some think about some of my art. ;)
daddysir Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student General Artist
*wasn't just the video
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