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CatGirl Transformation Stage 0 by WickedPrince CatGirl Transformation Stage 0 by WickedPrince
CG-Transformation – Prologue

I had spent considerable time and effort studying the variances between the DNA of Human and Feline and determined the major points of difference. Creating a serum that would cause an alteration in human DNA to reproduce feline traits had been costly, but I determined it would be worth it if it provided me the companion I craved. The larger felines were every bit as trainable as canines, and I had hopes that with proper domestication techniques my new pet would be affectionate and obedient, the two most important traits I craved in a companion.

Unfortunately my first two live tests of the serum had proved failures. But I was convinced this was not because the serum itself was at fault, but because my dosages were off.

The first test-subject had accepted her obedience training well enough. But once I’d injected the serum into her system it had gone rampant. The subject’s transformation had gone far too quickly and progressed much too far. By the time the serum had burned itself from her system I was unable to detect any human traits in the subject. I considered dissecting her to determine just how far the transformation had progressed, and perhaps determine what had gone wrong, but I didn’t have the heart to destroy her, so instead I drove the subject out deep into the countryside and released her in the hopes she’d survive on her own.

The second test-subject had struggled against the obedience training at first, but after consistent repetitions of negative and positive reinforcements had finally submitted. Again unfortunately the serum had not performed correctly. I had taken careful measurements of the body-weights of both subjects and mixed the serum accordingly. Having determined that the dose given to the first subject had been far too high, I reduced it by exactly half according to her body weight. The transformation had progressed at a much slower rate - in fact I was certain early on that the rate of change was much too slow. After four days the subject had ceased all signs of transformation. I noted the following changes:
1> Subjects hands and feet had noticeably changed color, nails had partially recessed and were slightly retractable.
2> Subjects facial structure had changed slightly, her upper lip had begun to split, faint hints of whiskers.
3> Subjects ears had become pointed, larger, and moved nearly two inches higher on her head.
4> Subjects eyes had noticeably changed. Both irises had taken a partial vertical slit-shape.
5> Subjects upper and lower canines had elongated, many other teeth had shown signs of change towards carnivore teeth.
6> Subjects vocal cords had changed, she showed no signs of being able to reproduce human speech.
7> Subject proved incapable of either writing her name or other information, or of reproducing things that I wrote for her.
Again I considered putting the subject down and doing an autopsy, but I didn’t have the heart to destroy it. I was reasonably certain that the subject would never be recognized, nor was able to identify me. I took the subject outside the city in the opposite direction of the first subject and released it into the wild. I’ve heard no reports of sightings of either specimen; I shall hope they both manage to survive.

On the way back from releasing specimen number two I happened to chance upon a young female standing outside a half-ruined gas-station. I stopped to offer assistance and determine if this might prove to be a new test subject. The subject seemed rather relieved to see me, and as we traveled she explained that she had gone to a party with her boyfriend and been abandoned with no other way home. Apparently she’d seen him leaving with another girl. She seemed quite distraught. I offered her a ride, and then offered her a bottle of water from my cooler. I gave her one of the bottles I’d doctored with a powerful sleep agent, and shortly there-after she had lost consciousness. I found the fact that the subject was wearing a collar with a leash-ring rather amusing.

I took test subject number three to my lab and proceeded to set up my next experiment. Once I had removed her clothing I weighed her carefully to ensure that I prepared the proper dosage of the serum. I also performed several other tests to make sure that she was a healthy specimen. Every test came back perfectly, although her blood-alcohol was very high, so I determined to give her a few days to work that out of her system before continuing with the test. I moved her to the containment chamber and placed her in restraints to ensure her cooperation and her inability to harm either herself or me during the test. I put fresh water in the subject’s water dish in case she awoke thirsty. It wouldn’t do for the subject to suffer dehydration. Then I turned out the lights in the containment and went off to seek my own rest. Obedience-training of the subject will begin in the morning.

- - -

Here's the teaser for the series. Going to force myself to put them out one each day, maybe more, once I'm happy with the story-bits going along with them.

DAZ studio: aiko3

To continue: [link]
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qxvw198 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Pictures of the first two subjects would be interesting. Please focus on the main story line first, however. You can do prequels later. Look how long it took George Lucas.
WickedPrince Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
The starkness of the picture set doesn't show off just how painful putting them together was. That stupid belly-jewelry is a good example. The body-morph it was designed for has a more pronounced belly, so I had to modify the positioning, and every time I re-posed the model, I had to repose IT too to get it back into her belly. And that was the simpler hassle. *shudders* I accidentally forgot to note where it was in one picture and realized after I'd moved on to the next - and improperly saved the scene - that it was badly out of place, which required me rebuilding the scene backwards from the follow-up. So I'll doubt that I'll do anything with the first two subjects. I really CAN'T make them much different from what I did do here except alter their physiques via different body-morphs. Part of the concept was to explore what I could do with the body-morphs and skins without going full-blown immediately.
qxvw198 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Since I haven't done anything like works you produce, I probably do tend to underestimate the difficulty in creating them. As you can see from my gallery, my talent is limited to tinkering with existing works rather than creating new things.

So, please keep up the good work and feel free to ignore ignorant or unhelpful comments and suggestions.
WickedPrince Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Don't worry, I don't consider any question ignorant unless it's something like the offensive comments that the one fellow made on my Battle Angel Alita picture (I know that wasn't you, so don't worry.) And you aren't alone in misunderstanding how difficult the 3D software programs can be to work with. Most "real" artists have no idea how much effort it takes, even with stock models, stock clothing, stock sets, stock poses, etc, there is something that ALWAYS doesn't work perfectly that you have to tinker with. But if it were too easy, it wouldn't be that much fun. ;)
Turnpike303 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Looking forawrd to this :D
WickedPrince Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Thanks. There are five more pictures coming, each with more of the story. I'm still holding the last scene open in case I come up with another idea or two.
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