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Wet Kisses by WickedPrince
Wet Kisses
Did this one as a request for a fan who wanted to see his OC making out with Yoko Littner. I get leary of posting something that could get labeled as "porn" around here, but for the record there is no penetration.

From a technical standpoint, this was interesting not only because I had to try to match the two characters as best I could, but also because I haven't done a lot of water scenes. I played with some of the surface materials I haven't often used. I think it came out really good.

- - -

DAZ2.3: Aiko3 + Hiro3
Etain and Leliana by WickedPrince
Etain and Leliana
This is Etain Vespidae - my Pathfinder Cleric of Calistria and her new cohort Leliana the Elven Bard, in combat dress. Thinking of doing a follow up of them in downtime dress. Etain is currently Cleric8 / Rogue2. I just purchased an unused mansion with the intention of turning it into an "entertainment hall" - ground floor will be a tavern with entertainers, second floor will be a brothel, third floor will be our cultist thieves guild. Access to 2nd and 3rd floor is restricted to "special guests" and employees. Calistria is a very interesting Goddess, her domains are Lust, Trickery, and Revenge. She was first worshipped by the Elves, but her cult has spread widely into Humanity. The Elves tend to focus on the Trickery and Revenge angles, a person goes to the temple, prays for an act of trickery or revenge to be perpetrated on somebody, and makes a donation to the temple. If the temple figures the donation was good enough, they make the arrangements for the prayer to be granted. In human lands they tend to focus on the Lust aspect, and the temples are treated as sacred houses of prostitution. We're combining both functions with an establishment that isn't openly associated with the local Calistria temple, though I've talked to that high priestess and suggested an alliance and that we'll be adding to her temples coffers once things are running smoothly.

- - -

DAZ2.3: aiko3 x2 and a lot of random items, please ask if you are interested.
Guile - deceptive by WickedPrince
Guile - deceptive
More of a pinup of the new version of Guile. From the Star Wars Saga game I'm playing sporadically on Sat Eves. Right now she's Noble level 3, which will be her last level of that. Next going into Jedi.

- - -

DAZ2.3: Aiko3
Guile - Flying Lessons by WickedPrince
Guile - Flying Lessons
So I have started playing Star Wars Saga Edition again with a new group, and because I love my Twi'lek Neo-Jedi character Guile I am rebuilding her for that game. I really wish I could RP her like she really deserves, but it's beyond me.

So please remember, when you are jumped by a large reconstruction droid armed with a huge circular saw and a welding/cutting torch that half kills you, before you can Move Object throw it at it's companion that half-killed one of your allies, you have to ask it "is your low-altitude pilot's license current?"

In other silly news, yesterday morning I was woken up to the sounds of "pounce, thumpa thumpa thumpa" from the hallway between my bedroom and the rest of the second floor with the assumption that my cat was trying to catch one of the many field mice that invaded the house this past winter. Shortly there-after she came into my bedroom and I asked her "well, did you catch it?" Her response was "mrow" - and then she jumped up onto the bed with me and promptly spit out her mouse on the blanket. This would have been bad enough if the mouse had been actually dead, but it was not. Not happy with the idea of being trapped between me and a cat, it immediately made a break for freedom, which resulted in a re-enactment of the capture out in the hallway. This ended with the mouse escaping to the floor, and my cat stuck with it's claws trapped in my blanket. I freed her and she jumped to the floor and furiously began digging through the dirty laundry the mouse had landed on. She stopped, there were three audible "crunch's" as she furiously reprimanded the mouse for it's attempted escape by biting down on it hard, and then spit it back out on the floor - I think - I missed that part because my eyes are bad and I don't wear my glasses to sleep. She then began looking all over for the mouse she was sure had escaped and may have covered and then uncovered the one. I spotted the dead mouse, picked it up with a dirty sock to dispose of it. The cat continued to search for it for some time though - making me question whether there had been another mouse after all that had gotten away. O.O

- - -
As usual: DAZ2.3: Aiko3, and various bits, please ask if you are interested.
Send Me An Angel by WickedPrince
Send Me An Angel
My persistent love for stupid ancient songs:… - Real Life - Send Me An Angel for those having trouble with linkage.

I started this one a few weeks ago, several things were bugging the crap out of me, I think I got them all now though.

Anyways I was feeling that sometimes we could all use an angel; somebody who knows when to be soft and loving when we need comfort, and a cold iron bitch when we need backup.

- - -

DAZ2.3: Aiko3 - and as usual, if there is anything you need more info on, please ask.


United States
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I've been streaming all sorts of anime via, just now I clicked "go to the next episode" on the latest anime I was watching and up comes a "We're closed, sorry, g'bye." message. Something about changes in the streaming-dome.

Anybody got a favorite site they are using for free streaming?
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