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Makaria Tiefling Warlock by WickedPrince
Makaria Tiefling Warlock
This is the first 5E character I built. She's a warlock who draws her power from one of the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu mythos (which one she won't say, it's unlucky.)

She has several tentacle-themed spells. Her favorite is Arms of Hadar: everyone within 10' is attacked by black life-draining tentacles. As a pact of the book specialist she also has a few other abilities. Her Black Book includes Vicious Mockery (a bard cantrip), and Thorn Whip (a druid cantrip).

She was originally orphaned to the streets of some major city, where she learned the basics of being a sneaky thief, including how to use all thieves tools. In her early teens this crazy old lady with permanently crossed eyed "adopted" her and taught her the mysteries of service to a Greater Power. Makaria proved to be a very good student. When her adopted mom started to act even more strangely Makaria decided to head out on her own, perhaps even become an adventurer and gain some experience... And Power...

Actually, she's not evil, just a bit amoral. Especially when it comes to the question of whose property something is.

- - -

I've been puttering around a bit more with DAZ4.6, getting the hang of all the changes they made.

DAZ2.3: Aiko3
Sally Squirrel's PetPlay Party by WickedPrince
Sally Squirrel's PetPlay Party

Sally Squirrel’s PetPlay Party


Sally was normally very quiet and shy, but when she was invited to a costume party by some friends she decided she wanted to find a costume that would totally break that mold. Every costume shop she went to had great costumes, but none of them struck her as ‘The One’ for her, so she kept looking. Finally at the last moment she found this odd place that sold latex animal costumes. The pictures of what the costumes looked like while worn were both intriguing and a little scary with how body-hugging they were. Then she found this cute squirrel girl costume and she knew she had to have it.


She asked the desk clerk a bunch of questions while it was ringing up; what do you wear under it? How do you get it on? The clerk laughed and told her to wear her skin under it and to use some baby oil to lubricate herself before putting it on to make sliding into the second skin latex easier. The clerk told her that everything she needed to know was in the directions that came with the suit.


Realizing that the party was just in a few more hours, Sally raced home and took a quick shower before tearing the package open to get at the costume and the directions. She read the directions while she rubbed herself down with the fresh bottle of baby oil she’d just bought. The directions were fairly simple though, basically just lube up and pull it on and smooth it little by little.


Sally had never worn latex before and a full-body suit was going to be extreme. As she started by slipping her feet in and smoothing the latex over her legs she felt how the tight latex both conformed to and molded her body. It was hard not to get over-excited just by the feeling of the suit as she continued to pull it up and slip more of herself inside it. Squirming herself down through the neck-hole that was the only entry was a bit scary, she was worried she might tear the suit, but it proved more than up for the task of stretching outwards to fit and then springing back tight once she was completely inside. As she moved around getting used to the feel; the attached tail inflated, powered by her own body motions. It stopped once full, and she pulled it around and compressed it to see what would happen. Pressure caused it to deflate as needed, but then her own body motions would cause it to re-inflate again.


Sally decided to use a bit of makeup to match her uncovered face to the rest of the costume as best she could. She hardly even paid attention when she closed the bell collar that was included with the costume around her slender throat. Then she dug out a pair of sling sandals from her wardrobe that matched the collar and grabbed a light coat to wear over the costume until she reached the party.


Every moment was making her more and more excited about the party. She finally decided she’d dawdled enough; she needed to go now if she was going, so off she went.


Once she reached the party and took off her jacket she noticed to her dismay that the latex costume had become quite transparent as it absorbed her body heat. Flustered by how much she was showing off, she almost decided to run back home again, but decided that it was too late now and she’d wanted to show off a bit anyways. However she did convince her friend to loan her a pair of panties show she wouldn’t be showing off too much.


At first as she noticed how much attention she was getting from the guys she was embarrassed, but also secretly very pleased at the appreciation she could see in their gazes. Eventually though she was openly smiling back at them.


Then somebody discovered that there were peanuts on the snack bar, and one of the guys stepped up to her and asked her what she’d give for a peanut. Blushing a little, she quickly – maybe too quickly – decided to give him a little kiss on the cheek as she snatched away the nut. Everybody laughed, but when the next boy stepped up to trade a nut for a kiss he quickly turned his head so that her attempt to kiss his cheek turned into a full lip-on-lip kiss. After that she found herself with a line of boys who wanted to trade a peanut for a kiss. A few of them even went so far as to grope her breasts or butt, which might have scared her off normally, but instead just added to the excitement she felt.


One of the boys she had a serious crush on kept coming back to her again and again, and each time he made it to the front of the line he’d grab her collar or otherwise pin her so he could prolong the kiss. Each such kiss made her head spin even more. Finally he brought the whole bowl of peanuts over and asked her what she’d do for it. She noticed that he had a leash wrapped over one arm, so she picked that up, attached it to her collar, and handed him the other end and said “what-ever Master desires.” No sooner had she said the word “Master” and she felt an electric thrill jump from her to him. He took up the leash and led her upstairs to an unused bedroom where he pushed her in ahead of him and closed the door saying “on the bed, naked, now.” She stepped over to the bed, kicked her shoes off, and dropped her borrowed undies and lay down, watching him as he undressed.


When he came over and lay down beside her and began kissing and caressing her she was ecstatic. Every kiss, every caress made her more desperate for him to ravish her. Finally he decided they were both ready and he mounted her. Their passionate rocking quickly built into a frantic tempo and brought them both to climax at the same time.


Afterwards, as they cuddled, he asked her what her plans for the rest of the weekend were. She told him she didn’t have any, but if she had her wish it would involve spending a lot of time in bed with him.


Quite suddenly she found herself lying on the bed with her arms bound behind her back with his belt, and her ankles bound together with the leash. She half-pretended she was trying to escape while he got dressed and unlocked the door. Then he returned to her, picked her up, and carried her out through the party and out the door to his car, where he settled her into the passenger seat and belted her in. The drive to his house didn’t take long, but gave her plenty of time for her brain to flip-flop between fear, excitement, lust, and back again to fear.


Eventually they arrived, he carried her inside and up to his bedroom, where she surrendered herself to her Master’s lust again and again.


And they live happily ever after.

- - -

DAZ2.3: Aiko3 and various bits, please ask.
Inquisitor Ellana, Dalish Elf Knight-Enchanter by WickedPrince
Inquisitor Ellana, Dalish Elf Knight-Enchanter
I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition last night playing this character: Dalish Elf Lightning-mage Knight-Enchanter. Her; Sera the Elf Thief-Archer; Vivian the Human Mage Knight-Enchanter and The Iron Bull the Qunari Warrior were an awesome team - hilarious to listen to their banter while strolling around a map. Now I have to finish playing DA:O with my last character so I can figure out how to pass data from game to game and see what changes. Working a human male warrior thru game one. So much stuff in this new game, lots of fun. It took me around 300 hours to complete the game, and I still could have done some more running around, never did finish one single mosaic, nor did I find all of the Grey Warden bottles.

- - -

DAZ studio V2.3; Aiko3 and a bunch of costume bits, ask if you are interested.
Plastic World by WickedPrince
Plastic World
This is a render I was messing around with a few months ago, it got left off here because I wasn't sure what else to do with it. But it's cute so I'm passing it on. :)

- - -

As usual: Tools: Daz2.3: Aiko3 and some stuff, please ask.
In Flight Entertainment by WickedPrince
In Flight Entertainment
Ok, so in between playing insane amounts of Dragon Age Inquisition I've been puttering around with a few renders and what-not. I had a mind to try to re-work some older art, but the render I wanted to try wouldn't load - must have been something in the scene that had geometry lost with the last infection. So I started to try to rebuild the scene from scratch, and took a left at Albuquerque. But hey, this resulted, and I like it enough to show it off. I've been seeing a lot of really cool action-scene renders and been trying to capture that again. Also been trying to get some of the cool Aiko3 costumes that I've purchased long ago and never even installed - installed and played with.

- - -

Tools: DazStudio2.3: Aiko3 and various bits. Please ask.


United States
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Ok, so like all the other Dragon Age fans I've been looking forward to seeing Inquisition. I picked it up just before X-mas when it was on sale 30% off. First thing I discovered when I tried to download it on my old dual-core system was that it asked if I really wanted to download it on this system, because the system would not be able to run it. This flustered me because I have been using my dual-core for all of my gaming, while keeping the quad open for rendering solely. Especially so since the last time the quad got infected because I wanted it to remain as pristine as possible. But now I had no choice, I purchased Inquisition, and I was going to play it, so it went on the quad. As soon as I had it installed the first thing it complained about was that my video card drivers were out of date. So I chased those down and installed them. Then I loaded the game up and everything seemed ok, but the video was really sluggish. So I asked my roommate to look up new video cards for me since the one that was in there was a 1gig. He found me a 4G Nvidia GeForce 740. We mail ordered it. I played the game in the meantime without it. It was very sluggish, especially in some of the maps with things like falling rain and blowing sand. The game is so awesome though that I put up with the sluggishness while waiting. One very upsetting thing I noted very quickly though was that the new drivers totally fragged up my DAZ studio - character skins and all sorts of other stuff were being hidden. Nothing I attempted fixed it either. I did find that the problem wasn't happening with DAZ4.6 so I played around with that a bit, and need to do a lot more until I figure it all out. I had a laugh when I tried to load up one of my recent scenes in 4.6 and a furry shader I'd used on a characters skirt was totally messed up in the newer studio. So finally the new video card arrived today, roommate just finished installing it. First test: my trusty old DAZ2.3 runs properly again, no invisible materials. Second test: Dragon Age Inquisition. And Oh My God(s)! Running around the desert and my character books. And then a first fight with a mean old hyena that attacked the little fennec (DA fox) I was racing with and then me. Followed quickly by a pair of large spiders. And OMG were the spell effects awesome.

Without throwing out spoilers, I'll say that my favorite trio of companions is Sera the insane City Elf Rogue Archer, The Iron Bull who is the enthusiastic and nutty Qunari (spy) Warrior, and Vivian, the "slightly stuck up" Orlesian Human Noble Mage. The interactions between these three while you are wandering around on a map is hilarious.

Now I shall go back to gaming, and perhaps drop off a few renders I've done in the meantime while puttering around.

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